Sep 18 2017

Struggling with Hair Loss? Check Out Our Different Kerchiefs and ScarvesIf you are suffering from alopecia or the side effects of chemo, then you are always searching for new ways to comfortably and fashionably cover your balding head. This is not something that you planned for, so you are left scrambling and doing your research to find which product and style is the right fit for you. At Amazed By You, our entire boutique experience is geared toward finding that right fit.

We carry a large variety of head coverings, from wigs and hats to scarves and kerchiefs. Our many different designs and materials create a unique shopping experience because we’ve got something for every personality and style out there. When you come to shop with us, you are not going to find just a few of the same cookie cutter options. Instead, you will find that we carry a variety of different materials, styles and patterns.

Our customers come to us with a host of different needs as they’re dealing with the aftermath of cancer or another debilitating disease. We know from personal experience that such a journey has its very difficult days, and our hope is to alleviate that struggle and help you to find a product that provides confidence and joy. By covering up your hair loss with a beautiful head scarf or kerchief design, you are making lemonade out of lemons and finding a solution that allows you to look into the mirror and smile!