Compression Garments

Why Choose Medical Compression Therapy?

Venous disease (poor circulation), lymphedema and lipedema can limit mobility and cause discomfort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy doing what you love. Therapeutic compression allows you to continue working, playing, traveling and living more comfortably. Its benefits also promote better health.

Choosing the correct compression garment is important for your health and well being. Over-the-counter (OTC) or “consumer” compression garments are not the same as medical (RX) compression garments.

Non-medical or athletic compression garments may help your legs feel better, but if you have a circulatory or lymphatic medical condition, they could be dangerous to wear them. Why? OTC or athletic compression products may not be the appropriate dosage, size, option or containment for your health condition. Those garments don’t have the structure of a medical-grade compression garment, which is designed specifically to aid in the circulation of your blood and lymph. Most OTC or athletic compression products are designed for healthy people to assist in recovery from sports or casual activities. Depending on the shape of your limb and severity of your condition, only a medical compression garment will provide the therapeutic benefit necessary to help manage your condition.

Your doctor will prescribe your proper compression dosage (mmHg) and include what type of garment he/she recommends on your RX script. Make sure you bring this with you to your fitting!

Medical compression therapy can help you manage swelling/general symptoms associated with: lymphedema/post-cancer lymphedema, lipedema, diabetes, varicose veins, circulation problems, pregnancy, muscle fatigue during/after exercise or standing, swelling during flights, and MORE!!

Did You Know?

Our medical compression products have graduated compression. This means 100 percent of compression starts at the ankle or wrist and decreases as it moves up the limb.

The medical compression garments available at Amazed By You are offered in a variety of fabric options, colors, and prints. Our stockings also offer open or closed toe options. Whether you want to match your own skin tone or have fun, we have the perfect style for you!

The Amazed By You Difference!

We carry JUZO Compression Therapy Garments, the difference is in their quality!

No Latex

Garments manufactured with latex rubber have a short shelf life because over time the latex rubber compression fibers will break down and crumble from wear and tear and from exposure to sunlight, heat, oils, lotions or ointments. Some people also run the risk of acquiring latex skin allergies while wearing garments made with latex.

High-Quality Material

Most of our compression garments are made with Lycra®, the highest quality synthetic compression fiber on the market. Lycra resists wear and tear. Some manufacturers use Spandex (a lower grade fiber) or latex rubber compression fibers which wear down, are more susceptible to breakdown, are harder to care for and typically less comfortable to wear.

Inlay Thread

The major difference between a higher quality compression garment and lower quality garment (over-the-counter products) is an inlay thread, generally made of Lycra or rubber. Our inlay threads are knitted into the material in a continuous manner and different compression levels are achieved by adjusting the tension of this inlay thread, providing a high level of compression consistency.

Covered Threads

If a compression garment has a shine to it or feels sticky on the inside, this indicates that the compression fibers are uncovered. Garments made with covered compression fibers are superior because they ensure greater comfort, durability, softness and ease of putting on and taking off. Our manufacturer’s process wraps each compression fiber with soft, protective threads which lift the compression fiber off the skin and increase the garment’s durability and comfort.

Ease of Care

Compression therapy garments should be washed and dried each night. Latex rubber compression garments must be hand washed and air dried, while our latex-free garments can be machine washed and dried for greater convenience.

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