Sep 6 2017

If you have never worn a wig before, then shopping for one can be an overwhelming experience. You are unfamiliar with all of the different terminology, and you have no clue exactly what type you want or need. At Amazed By You, we enjoy the adventure of seeing new customers come through our doors with that confused look in their eye.

Feeling Lost in Your Search for a New Wig? Let Us Help!

We know that each person who comes to us in search of a wig is doing so for a host of different reasons. Many of our customers are battling through the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis and looking for a wig out of necessity. Others are suffering from alopecia and losing their hair for a  different reason. We also have a lot of customers come through who have no issue with hair loss but simply enjoy the idea of putting on a fresh look with a new wig.

Since folks are coming to us for different reasons, we are highly experienced in handling all of their varying questions and concerns. If our new customer is bald, then a wig will, obviously, fit their head differently than if they had a head full of hair. We take these factors into account when we are suggesting particular types of wigs. For example, some are in search of a front lace wig while others are opposed. The different interests and preferences that each customer has in mind makes the shopping adventure all the more exciting for us.

Whether you are looking for a short style or long style, a dark or light color, we have some amazing options from top quality designers! There is no charge for wig alterations, and our goal is to see you walk out of the boutique with a product that brings you confidence and joy. Come visit us in Wylie today, and we will help you successfully end your quest for a new wig!