Oct 13 2017

Find the Right Wig and Battle Chemo with Confidence The journey that cancer takes you on is full of both ups and downs, both good news and bad news, both expected and unexpected turns. This is not a journey that anyone would willingly choose for themselves of their loved ones, yet many of us have found ourselves in its wake.  

With a cancer diagnosis, there is often the implementation of chemotherapy soon after. Chemo can have a powerfully positive effect on our bodies, but it also comes with some side effects that must be dealt with along the way. As chemo begins to take its toll on your beautiful head of hair, then you are left with some choices to make in how to press forward. 

For many, selecting a beautiful wig is a way in which you can restore your confidence and learn to love the ‘new you’ that greets you in the mirror each morning. Although you will undoubtedly spend some time mourning the loss of your hair, you can seek out a new wig that will cover your thinning hair while highlighting your personality by choosing the cut and color that is right for you. 

At Amazed By You, we have a large variety of wig options for our customers. We know that each person who walks through our door has a unique story and a unique set of needs. We enjoy the process of getting to know our customers and working alongside them to narrow down their wig choices until they have found the one that really makes them smile.  

We know, firsthand, that the cancer journey is not an easy one, and we want to do everything in our power to enhance your experience and bring you hope. Come visit us today so that we can help find the right wig for you!