Oct 30 2017

Beautiful Mastectomy Bras for Your New Figure One of the most common fears among women facing a mastectomy is the mirror image that will greet them after their operation is complete. What will their new body look like? Will their new figure look right when they slip into their favorite shirt? 

These are difficult questions to contemplate with this new and necessary version of yourself. At Amazed By You, we know firsthand how challenging it can be to face daily life after the diagnosis of breast cancer, and our specialty boutique exists to help alleviate those challenges. We know that a mastectomy can tamper with your confidence, and we want to see each of our customers digging deep to love themselves beyond their scars and changes in physique. 

beautiful mastectomy bra will give you the boost in confidence that you need by providing material that remains comfortable while giving you shape and form. Our variety of lovely bras offers a different fit and style for the many variations of body type that we see come through our doors. It is our pleasure to work with each customer to assess their specific needs and help direct them to the best mastectomy product to suit their taste. 

Call or stop by our wig, fashion and specialty boutique today to learn more about all of the amazing and unique products that we have to offer our customers. We know that facing life after your mastectomy isn’t easy, and we are here to lend an ear and recommend resources that will ease your uncertainties.