Dec 22 2016

There is little in life harder to digest than news of cancer, especially when it hits close to home. Learning of such a diagnosis at this time of the year can take a big hit and attempt to strip us of joy and hope. Fighting this battle takes an army of support all the way from friends and family to physicians and nurses, and our staff wishes to join that army and help you battle with hope.

Recent Breast Cancer Diagnosis? We’ll Help You Battle with Hope

Amazed By You is a specialty boutique that specializes in assisting customers who need to combat the side effects of cancer treatment. We have top quality mastectomy bras, compression garments, wigs and scarves of all shapes and sizes, and much more. We specifically choose our products with you in mind, knowing that you need not waste your time on an item that will not serve you well. You will be pleased with the variety that we offer, and the quality of both our products and our customer service.

Our shop is owned and operated by a breast cancer survivor, so we know firsthand the battle that you are fighting. We want to join you in your fight and offer you the hope that you deserve. Come out and visit us today, and we know you’ll find such a hope!