Aug 16 2016

A diagnosis of alopecia can be hard to swallow. After all, no one would ever want to lose their hair if given the choice. You can try a new hair style to compensate for the loss by getting it cut or combing it a different direction, or you can try wearing your favorite hat whenever you leave the house. There comes a point, though, when you need another option to fall back on.

Living with Alopecia? We’ve Got the Right Wig for You!

Finding the right wig to hide your bald spots while also staying true to your natural look can be a challenge. There are some who might embrace this opportunity to try something entirely new with their hair and select a color and length that is unlike anything they’ve ever had before. However, there are others who are on the hunt for a wig that matches their exact hair color and preferred style and cut.

Amazed By You is the place to go to find this perfect wig. Our boutique offers a wide variety of wig choices in all kinds of colors and variations. We seek to appeal to the customer who seeks a traditional, conservative wig choice as well as to those that prefer something on the edgy side. We enjoy working with those who are struggling to find self-confidence in their current situation and helping them to truly regain an important piece of their identity in their wig choice.

Living with alopecia has its challenges, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from being confident and proud of your appearance. Come visit us today and allow us to have a hand in pairing you with the perfect wig!